Studio Tenn’s GREASE is Solid Enjoyment

It may be the word you’ve heard over a million times, but Studio Tenn’s Grease at the Factory in Franklin is surprisingly fresh and will remind you of why this cleverly subversive phenomenon became a household name. So let’s slide right into it.


© 2018 Studio Tenn

Melinda Doolittle easily steals the show as the Teen Angel. Diana DeGarmo and Ace Young make a smooth and dreamy Sandy and Danny, and Laura Matula and Liam Searcy make a rigid yet killer Rizzo and Kenickie. Talent is abundant throughout the entire cast. They really do go together like…well, insert whichever 1950’s scat lyrics here.

Matt Logan’s electric directorial vision and artistically minimalist scenic design are nothing to moon. Simple sets flowing through the space and the mesmerizing dance of cyan and magenta lighting create the dream-like atmosphere that is normally glazed over in other productions. After all, this play was never meant to be portrayed as “realism,” and Studio’s Tenn skilled production designers thankfully understand that.


© 2018 Studio Tenn

How about that song and dance! Stephen Kummer and his seven-piece band make Music City proud. While moving ever so slightly into genre-bending (I see you and your gospel, “Beauty School Dropout”), Kummer and his band remain hopelessly devoted to the music we love (even if it’s from the movie and not the original musical). Billy Ditty’s eclectic choreographer is novel and refreshing, adding zest wherever it goes.

Don’t waste your time comparing Studio Tenn’s Grease to the 1978 film or even past Broadway iterations (original and revival); such will only contaminate your chance to be present with this energetic and wonderful production. Additional performances have been added, so get your tickets now before they slip away.


Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door (on the Ukulele)

Here’s my cover of Bob Dylan’s “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door” on the ukulele.

I was a little excited at the end because this video took nine takes to get down, believe it or not.

Got a song you want me to try? Lemme know in the comments below!

BABA O’RILEY on Two Harps! (and My First Music Video)

Baba O’Riley by The Who as performed by Beyond Pluck

A while back, I mentioned on my Christian movie review podcast Finding Christ In Cinema that I would be appearing in a music video, and now that video has arrived.

But let me urge you to not just watch the video as cool as is it, but I want you also to listen to the music. It’s a beautiful arrangement that’s as melodically and rhythmically energetic as the original but with a refreshing delivery by two talents harpists (who knew those things existed anymore, right?).

These two ladies are Paula Bressman and Rachel Miller. Check out all their shenanigans at their website: