My Poetry

Here is an index of the poetry that I’ve posted at The Book of Brenden. I’ll try my best to keep it updated, but don’t be surprised if something slips through the cracks every now and then.

A Limerick on Pianos

A Limerick on Desire

Back Then, I Used to Love Myself So Much

Civil Disobedience

Driving in the Moonlight


I Hate the Calendar

Independence Day Processional

Let Them Grow Together

Modern Solomon

More or Less

Nighttime Prayer


The Girl Who Flew Away

The Helmet of Salvation

The Image We’re Made In (with a music video!)

The Meek Shall Indulge

When The World Will End

Violet Cream

Free Verse

I usually don’t care for free verse, however I do care for the desire to be free from any constraints. That being said, I understand some people would much rather try to describe their emotions in an endless babble and call it “free verse.” Sometimes, I think Walt Whitman himself is guilty of it, but that’s just me.


These short little ditties are fun to write. I like the pattern and the rhyme scheme, and I like how powerful they can be if provided the right trope. They’re just so nifty!


I’m a huge fan of sonnets because I believe they force a writer to be creative and tactful at the same time. It’s a form that demands conciseness, and it’s a challenging exercise that I love meeting.


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