Month: February 2017

How I Lost 27 Pounds on My Own Unexpected Journey

Yes, it’s true: I’ve lost 27 pounds. Here’s the picture to prove it.

How It All Began

It all started when an old church acquaintance (let’s call him “Taylor”) messaged me after the New Year. He expressed that he has just started trying to lose weight himself and that he wanted an accountability partner. We mulled over the operating details for the next couple of days – planning to weigh in every Tuesday and Friday and text each other the results on those days in addition to sending each other random encouragement throughout the week – and I marked January 6th as the beginning of this, my own unexpected journey.

(And yes, that’s a Tolkien reference…well, more of a Jackson reference, but whatevs.)

To be honest, Taylor and I had (and still have) all the reason in the world to lose weight. We want to live past forty years old. We want to have families of our own that we can healthily support for this life and the next. We want to be able to get on a plane without having to buy an extra ticket (I know I’ve been there and done that…twice). Ultimately, we want to be a good steward of the earthly vessels that God has given us.

I’ve struggled with that last one for years. For some reason, I guess I just wanted to prove that fat people have a place in the kingdom, too, so I didn’t take any extra steps toward changing. I was comfortable in knowing that God loves me as I am, and I used that love as a crutch. I would even think that I would be fine with just dying because then I could get a new body and not even have to worry about losing weight.

Thankfully, I got out of that funk by finally realizing that my body is a gift from God – that life itself is a gift from God – and that whenever God gives you something, it’s only out of love for Him that you actually use it in a way that He would want you to use it. Our God is a missional God, and He doesn’t just give us gifts for our own decadent enjoyment.

Even still, I didn’t fully commit to taking the steps that I have so far until Taylor reached out to me. That’s not to say that others haven’t reached out before because they most certainly have, and I’m thankful for them. Unfortunately, when they did, I didn’t have the motivation to reciprocate. Sorry I’m late to the party, guys, but I’m here now.

But enough preaching!

Calorie Counting

Early on, Taylor suggested that I use a calorie-counting app. He mentioned that he was using the MyFitnessPal app by Under Armour (not a sponsor), so I figured it would be a good place to start. After entering my starting weight of 526.2 crunching some numbers (as in entering them into the app’s calculator), I found that it would take about 4,600 calories to “maintain” that weight. The idea was then simple: set a lower goal for calories and let the math do the work – and so far, it has done so beautifully.

For the first few days, I monitored myself being sure to log in everything that I ate. Imagine my surprise, for example, when I found that one Hardees’ Sausage and Egg Biscuits was 560 calories. I was doing two of those and a large Dr. Pepper for breakfast at least three times a week all last Fall. Breakfast was coming out to be over 1,500 calories. That had to change.

Some Minor Dietary Changes

Now for breakfast, I’m doing smoothies. Normally consisting of almondmilk (more on that later), a banana, and a frozen fruit (usually mango or some berries), I can get about 20 ounces of breakfast for only 250 calories (give or take a few, depending on the ingredients). I feel like a mad scientist with a personal blender because  I like trying new things and seeing what works the best. I may even do a separate blog post on how smoothies have changed my breakfast, but that’ll come later.

Regarding that almondmilk, I’ve now given up regular milk and have switched over to almondmilk completely. This change was the result of learning that there’s so much sugar in regular milk (even skim milk). When milk first comes out of the cow, it is full of fat which gives it that wonderful milk flavor. When companies take out that fat, they also take out that flavor. In order to get the taste right again, they add sugar and lots of it. And at the rate I was drinking milk (more than half a gallon a day), it’s no wonder I wasn’t getting any skinnier.

Lunch is getting easier, too, now that I’ve started eating the salads available at the elementary school where I work. My calculations come up to about 500 calories (that’s the salad, three servings of fruit, crackers, and dressing).

So for two meals, I’m barely scratching 750 calories. It would almost seem like I could have anything I wanted to have for supper and be good. It would be good, except that something I’ve learned along the way is that it’s just best not to eat a full meal after 7:00 PM. I tried meeting this particular goal last Fall, but it fell through during the holidays. Back on the wagon, I now try to shoot for a good sized meal by 6:00. If I have to, I go for a light snack (under 300 calories) or a smoothie before bed, and it cures that craving.

The Differences I’m Noticing

One of the biggest differences I’ve noticed is my reaction to huge amounts of sugar. Last week, for example, it was a student’s birthday, and he brought Little Debbie Fancy Cakes to celebrate. As politely as I could, I refused him, but I just couldn’t keep it up (especially when the teacher came up behind me – not knowing that I was trying to lose weight – and playfully whispered, “Just give in, Mr. Taylor.”

Defeated, I took the two-pack and scarfed it down. The following sugar rush was incredibly terrifying as I got dizzy and could not concentrate on the classwork that I was supposed to be facilitating for that station. On top of that, I found that when I entered the cakes on the app, they were 300 calories alone. That was 300 calories I could’ve used on supper that night! Here I am figuring out a whole new economy on food.

Another moment – this time, a bit brighter – was when I revealed that I was trying to lose weight to my weekly discipleship group. We usually meet once a week, but we had to miss the week before for some unfortunate reasons. Nevertheless, we gathered again, and I told them what I was up to.

Only one other person in that group knew that I was trying, and the three others did not. Their simultaneous looks of surprise and “I KNEW something was different!” was so encouraging, and I’m thankful that they’ll be there to support me as so many others have and will continue to do so throughout this endeavor.

I look forward to losing a total of 300 pounds – as of now, I’m 1/12 of the way there – and I look forward to seeing you all on the other side.