This image features someone resting their head on a friend's soldier.


Some people think about the Holy Spirit,

what others think about a haunting ghost – 

a soul without a body for a host

that makes you jump as soon as you can hear it;

what’s bad is when we want to follow near it,

we think of all the things we hate the most – 

and Satan uses our mistakes to boast

in that he’s used our hate to make us fear it.


This isn’t who the Spirit is to me.

He’s not some ghost that’s creeping from the grave

and hangs my worry o’er me like a knife;

He’s the remnant of the Trinity

that wants to quicken me and make me brave,

encourage me t’embrace eternal life.

These are just some of my thoughts of the Holy Spirit expressed in an Italian Sonnet.


  1. Sir, I would like to use the picture on this page as a Ppt background for a sermon on being an encourager. Will you grant permission?

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